Restoration of gilt furniture and mirrors


The practice of gilding has barely changed since its origin. There are two types of gilding:, water and oil, both are practiced in the studio but offer different results. Water gilding is a lengthier process of varying techniques, from the preparation of the surface through to “burnishing”, polishing the gold leaf. Oil gilding is less labour intensive and although a brilliant finish can be achieved, it lacks the depth and subtlety of water gilding.

Imitation gold leaf is often used on interior frames or decorative items where cost is a consideration. Careful “ironing”, use of pigments, waxes can achieve a satisfactory result 

Susan has been working for over 30 years, specialising in the restoration of gilded and decorative antiques and works of art 

Originally art school trained, she left London to further her studies in Italy. She undertook an apprenticeship at an Atelier in the heart of Florence, learning the techniques of restoration and the Florentine skills of “antiquing” where she developed a particular awareness for colour tonalities, patinas, antique surfaces as well as the mixing of pigments 

Some of the example of Susan’s work can be seen in the gallery

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